Dynamic Muscle Support Balm

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Dynamic Muscle Support Balm is your pain relief solution for fatigued muscles and joints that are holding tension. Containing 14 powerful herbs that have been infused in organic, cold-pressed and unrefined olive oil for the most potent medicinal extraction and combined with organic, cold-pressed and unrefined coconut oil, and fair-trade certified and organic shea butter. Our range of homeopathic herbs are hand selected from known reputable sources to provide a harmonious blend specific for musculoskeletal imbalances, irritated skin, rashes, burns, and dry skin. 100% organic, oil based, preservative-free balm. No toxic chemicals, only real ingredients. Made in small controlled batches.

HOW TO: Massage into problem area as needed. For best absorption apply on damp skin.

STORAGE: Keep water out of jar. Amber glass jar guards against UV light penetration, however, to for longevity of product store in cool dark place.