Moon + Jai Ritual Kit
Moon + Jai Ritual Kit
Moon + Jai Ritual Kit
Moon + Jai Ritual Kit
Moon + Jai Ritual Kit

Moon + Jai Ritual Kit

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Are you ready to create profound healing in your life?
Know someone need of healing?

With Moon and Jai kits you receive an elegant and complete package that contains everything you need ~ Palo Santo, Sage, Healing Crystals, matches, ritual + healing crystal qualities scroll ~ to create intentional and powerful Ritual to manifest what you truly desire and long for! Moon & Jai inspire & entice you to invite magic into your life~ attain superpowers of creativity & insight~ as ritual turns space into sanctuary.

Moon + Jai kits are:

~A deeply meaningful gift for yourself or bohemian souls in your life.
~Blessed, cleansed, bathed in the new or full moon and infused with the frequency of calming energy.
~A tool for creating magic in life and to assist in manifesting desires.

The HEALING ritual kit includes:

~Large super charged powerful amethyst druzy
~Clear quartz point
~Fragrant thick sage smudge wand
~Aromatic Palo Santo stick
~Raw large selenite wand
~Moon + Jai matches 
~Ritual + Crystal qualities scroll- complete directions on magical ways to perform your ritual + powers and care instructions for your crystal

Each kit is infused with high vibrational energy and clear intention to assist you in manifesting your desires! The kit comes in a sturdy elegant black pull out drawer box with gold design. Box dimensions are 7 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2 inches tall. The healing crystals in this kit have been cleansed, energetically charged, moon bathed and blessed.

Amethyst one of the most powerful healing stones, and it is wonderful to have anywhere in your home, work space or with you. As you are creating healing in your life, gently invite Amethyst to work it’s magic. Set the intention to fill your life  with light, joy and harmony. 

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