6.30.21 Paint your Breath Meditative Workshop

Join us for a fun evening of painting and meditation!

About this experience

Align your mind and body through a meditation and intuitive card reading, followed by painting your breath.
Join me on this creative journey and reconnect to self and nature.

All painting supplies included.

Your Host

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Mabrika! (Welcome!)

My name is Kalichi, Taino for "fountain of the high mountain," and my birth name given by my parents. I am a Higuayagua Taino from the island of Boriken where my roots are tied to my name and connection to nature. I have an M.S./M.A. degree in Psychology and Arts in Medicine, (art as a holistic modality for mind/body wellness), and have worked professionally with cancer patients and the elderly. I entered this career through personal experience with illness and using my creativity to cope through those difficult times. In addition to my career, I run a small shop where I create wood-burn art pieces and crafted items for the home and sacred spaces. I also offer creative wellness workshops to ease stress, promote relaxation and mindfulness through creativity. My motto is to engage your creative spirit and inspire you to reconnect to self, nature, and Spirit. I look forward to meeting you and working with Despojitos MIA!

Hahom (many thanks)!
Seneko Kakona (abundant blessing)!