Reiki Sundays

Enjoy a Blissful Private Reiki Session & Release!

About this experience

One hour private session of peace and tranquility through meditation, aromatherapy, sound healing and crystals with Reiki Master, Heidi Ronquillo.

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Heidi Ronquillo is a Priestess, Self-Love Coach, Moon Mother Level 2,Cosmic Sex Coach, Red Drum Leader, Womb Wellness Advocate, Reiki Master, Galactic Crystal Reiki Healer, 200HR Certified Yoga Teacher & Aromatherapist.

Heidi has spent the past 10 years growing and studying her craft of spiritual and sexual healing. ​All her studies and work have brought her to where she is now with her unique healing sessions that involve tantra, cosmic sexuality, Self-Love Coaching, Reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy and the Female Energy Awakening Womb Blessing and Womb Healing .

Her mission is to guide you to reconnect with your self-love, creative, blissful and sexual abundant self to show up fully in life.
Her heart and soul is in being a leader in her community and helping women and men re-connect with their authentic self.