Full Moon Ceremony 5/24

Full Moon Ceremony w/ Cacao, Meditation, Drum and Smudging.

About this experience

Join us for an evening of Cacao, Ceremony & Meditation as we manifest our highest dreams with calm and balance.

Your Host

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Heidi Ronquillo is a Priestess, Self-Love Coach, Moon Mother Level 2, Cosmic Sex Coach, Red Drum Leader,​Womb Wellness Advocate, Reiki Master, Galactic Crystal Reiki Healer, 200HR Certified Yoga Teacher & Aromatherapist.

Heidi has spent the past 10 years growing and studying her craft of spiritual and sexual healing. All her studies and work have brought her to where she is now with her unique healing sessions that involve tantra, cosmic sexuality, Self-Love Coaching, Reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy and the Female Energy Awakening Womb Blessing and Womb Healing .

Her mission is to guide you to reconnect with your self-love, creative, blissful and sexual abundant self to show up fully in life.

Her heart and soul is in being a leader in her community and helping women and men re-connect with their authentic self.